Climate Change = Communism.

I thought I would touch on a very important topic that has brainwashed nearly every single young person in the world. As a young person, I refuse to believe in the climate changenarrative that was preached to me at school because I have been aware of the fact that the stop climate change movement doesn’t even care about protecting and observing the environment at all. Its real motive is to gradually transform every city, town, village in the world into “Digital Prisons” which will be disguised as “15-Minute Smart Cities” to fool people into believing this will protect the environment.The main pushers of this concept have already openly admitted these motives by suggesting to turn all cities into 15 Minute-Smart Cities within this decade.This is why we are seeing a trend in the popularity of cashless payments, this is the very first step of the creation of “digital prisons”. Printed money will be eventually banned which means all money will be digital, this will give the government or authorities control on how much money you will spend each day and what items you can or cannot buy or sell, they will put you in jail or fine you and seize your bank account and vehicles for a certain amount of time. Your vehicle which will be electric and hooked up to Artificial intelligence as no-one will be allowed to own petrol or diesel cars anymore if you dare to refuse to comply. Artificial intelligence is currently taking over jobs {in every country} like banks, supermarkets, factories. Eventually all jobs in the world will be ran by Artificial intelligence which means the government will make slaves out of humans by giving them awards {ie, money, permits to leave the designated 15 minute zone} if they do “slavery work” but if humans refuse to do the work they will be punished as I have explained in the second paragraph of this article. The government will take full ownership and regulate all means of production {which people currently use for everyday life} such as energy, land, animals and vehicles, food, minerals etc based on the persons compliance. A Digital Identity system will be installed for identification purposes for every citizen which will be linked to High Tech Surveillance Cameras {which will be installed everywhere}. This will be used by the government and authorities to find out where you are if you have left your designated 15 minute zone without a permit.This is really something that people need to wake up to now and call out when the promotion of Digital ID and Smart Cities becomes popular within mainstream media outlets and if people fall for Digital ID, then unfortunately it is game over for freedom because it’ll be almost impossible to rebel against the 15-minute smart cities once they are fully implemented.According to the WEF {World Economic Forum} the 15-Minute Cities will be fully implemented by 2030 which is less than a decade away. It is also important to know that the WEF {World Economic Forum} are one of the main founders and financiers of the idea of 15-Minute smart cities and politicians are being paid by the WEF {World Economic Forum} to push and implement  15-Minute Smart Cities. China has these 15-Minute Smart Cities already fully installed, so if you want to know more about 15-Minute Smart Cities and how they are so oppressive, just look up China! Sweden, Turkey, Denmark {Copenhagen} are currently in the process of turning their cities into Smart Cities and Ireland will eventually follow suit. We currently still have lots of time to make more people aware of this and it is best to start boycotting and calling out businesses that do not accept Cash Payments

The Covid ERA was just a small taste of what the 15-Minute Smart Cities will be like as you weren’t allowed to travel long distances without a good reason and you also had to prove your reason {which is basically a permit} if the Guards stopped you, you weren’t allowed to purchase or browse “non essential items”, you were forced to wear masks nearly everywhere you went and you had to prove that you took the “Covid Vaccine” to enter certain public venues. {You will only be allowed to enter venues, shops, restaurants if you have a digital ID when the 15-Minute Smart Cities are implemented} If you didn’t comply with these rules you were put in prison, fined heavily, you were even forced to close your business or give up your job or education. Certain amounts of people [but not a huge lot]  publicly protested frequently and spoke up against these unjust “laws’ ‘ and exposed the real agenda behind them but unfortunately all the popular social media companies censored these people and mainstream media outlets, government funded NGOs and even friends and family did the best they could to bully these people into silence by defaming and name calling them “Conspiracy Theorists”, “Misinformation Spreaders”, “Far Right”,” etc, but luckily this tactic was pretty much useless as not many people were successfully bullied into silence by being name called or humiliated for exposing the truth. No-One should fear telling the truth.

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