107 years ago this week, one of Ireland’s most historic revolutions against the violation of our freedoms and sovereignty. Many young intellectual Irish men and women who took part in the rising would have dreamed of achieving an Ireland that would be ultimately free and sovereign for all the future generations which includes us. Ireland today is not an Ireland that all of the 1916 leaders and all the brave rebels that took part in the rising would dream of in a million years. Ireland today is nothing more than an EU, UN province which is full of corrupt wealthy politicians who spend millions on NGOS [Non-Government  organisations] which advocate for the destruction of the Irish people as a whole. There are many NGOs that call themselves ardent Irish Republicans who also claim to support Irish sovereignty, freedom etc. But in reality they only support the destruction of the Irish people as a whole.

The 1916 veterans would be spinning in their graves like washing machines if they heard this news and I am one hundred percent certain they would almost immediately start another revolution but this time at Dail Eireann which I am also one hundred percent certain would be a successful revolution this time mainly because hundreds and possibly now thousands of Irish people are beginning to reignite the flame of real Irish Nationalism out of frustration and anger due to the record levels of poverty that the Irish now begin to face while all the so-called “Refugees” get free benefits which are all paid for by the Irish taxpayer. 

I am certain that the 1916 leaders would be very pleased to see more and more people reignite the flame of Irish Nationalism in this part of the 21st century, especially the young people who are now beginning to speak up against degeneracy [even though our voices are still very small] that the cultural marxists are trying be brainwash us with. 

I find it very sad that most young people nowadays don’t have any thought for this part of Irish history. You could ask them: “Do you know what the 1916 rising was about?” Or “Do you know what the proclamation is?” or “Do you know any of the 1916 leaders or rebels?” The answer from young people today is NO. This is one of the reasons why I talk about the 1916 rising and the war of independence a lot. I would also like to add that even some Irish Nationalists don’t even remember Irish history like young people that I have mentioned above which is a huge stain to the real Irish nationalist movement in my opinion as Ireland today has very similar struggles to the Ireland before and after the 1916 uprising. 

I also have mentioned in the first paragraph of this article that many government funded NGOs call themselves “Ardent Irish Republicans” but they are not in reality as they are very mentally ill marxists [some of whom are naive at worst!] who want to destroy the Irish people and Irish culture by supporting mass immigration, abortion, LGBT indoctrination and the censorship of people who fundamentally disagree with cultural marxism. I don’t think the 1916 rebels would support such mentally ill ideas? I know there were many socialists in the 1916 rising but I am sure they relied on socialism because British capitalism crippled Ireland’s economy and banned Catholics from getting involved in Irish politics at the time which is why the proclamation guarantees the idea of “Religious Freedom and Equal rights and opportunities” if Ireland were to become independent.

 I am sure the 1916 rebels who were socialists would be horrified if they saw what Irish socialists of today support which I have mentioned in this paragraph. 

It is important that Real Irish Nationalists cherish the 1916 rebellion and most importantly defend the proclamation from cultural marxists who like to use some parts of the proclamation to push their filthy pedophilic and traitorous agendas on the Irish people. 

Here are a few quotes from one of Ireland’s 1916 leaders.

“Life springs from death; and from the graves of patriot men and women spring living nations.”- Padraig Mac Piarais.

“A country without a language is a country without a soul”-Padraig Mac Piarais.

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