In the Irish truth movement, over the past five years, many Irish nationalist activists have formed movements in opposition to the corrupt Irish provisional government. Many of these newly formed movements have different manifestos, for example, some movements were created in opposition to the unlawful lockdowns and segregation between the unvaccinated and vaccine which meant vaccinated people had more rights than unvaccinated, [for example, restaurants, nightclubs, only served vaccinated people] this policy was implemented by the provisional Irish government in the summer of 2021 and many other countries in Europe and outside of Europe implemented this as well and some governments implemented stricter vaccine mandates. Some people lost their jobs and children were kicked out of school for refusing to take the vaccine until late 2022 or early 2023.

The question has to be asked. Do these organisations actually care about Ireland’s culture at all? Many Irish citizens in the past one hundred years have given their lives away willingly for Irish culture and sovereignty to exist for future generations that would indeed cherish it. But there’s only very few political groups that legitimately care preserving Irish culture and sovereignty as most major ‘Irish patriot’ groups such as, IRSP, Sinn Fein, SDLP, Fianna Fail etc have been totally taken over by Globalists who have deep hatred of Western Countries and this unfortunately includes Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

These Globalists I have mentioned in this article, are day by day destroying the West with Communism that has led to the deaths of Hundreds of Millions in the past one hundred years. Day by day, the situation in Europe is rapidly deteriorating. 

Migrant Crime is increasing rapidly, especially in Sweden, Ireland, Mainland England while political groups that supposedly care about ‘equality’ scream day and night for more and more immigration, preferably non white immigration which is the reason why migrant crime is so high in Europe and the European Countries I have listed above. But back to Ireland. The brave men and women that fought hard for Ireland’s sovereignty and culture [that Britain forcibly took away and dismantled], and the brave men that signed the ‘1916 proclamation’ and the ‘1922 proclamation’, would feel angry, upset, betrayed if they saw modern day Ireland and the modern day provisional government and I don’t think they would have bothered giving their lives for Ireland a hundred years ago if they saw how Ireland is today. If I knew how Ireland would end up in the first few decades of the 21st century a hundred years ago, I would have not bothered fighting at all because what would be the point? 

Now back to my questions I wrote in the paragraph above, “Do these organisations actually care about Ireland’s culture at all?” My answer to that question is yes and no, because some of these movements were only created for protest purposes, against the lockdowns, vaccine mandates etc. ‘Freedom alliance’ was created in February 2021 by a number of activists who opposed the lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Their purpose was to hold protests in different locations across Northern Ireland, [Mainly on Benone beach] and in the odd time they would protest in the Irish republic. Unfortunately then the ‘Freedom alliance’ broke up in around April-May time in 2021 because some of the founders had a dispute. But this didn’t stop people protesting in Northern Ireland as a number of activists willingly came forward to organise protests in Belfast, outside the city hall. 

These protests however, did not have any type of impact on the government to lift ‘restrictions’ whatsoever. There were other protests too, in the Republic of Ireland which also didn’t have any impact on the government to lift restrictions either. Out of all the ‘anti-lockdown’ protests throughout Ireland, none of them were any different, they are all the same format. Just marching through the streets and then a few speeches, then it was time to go home until the next protests. 

But if we look at Irish history, as I highlighted above, many Irish men and women gave their lives away for the survival of Irish culture and freedom. When the Irish rebels were fighting for freedom, they fought for it as if their lives depended on it, nearly every single day for years and they even killed some of their oppressors, but I am not advocating for violence or murder, all I am highlighting is that most ‘modern day Irish freedom fighters’ lack the passion to fight for freedom and Irish culture. I personally believe that the ‘historic Irish freedom fighters’ would vomit at the state of the ‘Irish freedom fighters of today’ for lacking the passion to fight for freedom. 

Now, it is important to keep in mind that, when I say ‘freedom’ in this article, I mean the freedom for Ireland’s culture to exist and the freedom for christs religion to exist in Ireland without any type of interference such as ‘Religious Freedom’, as I only support the ‘Religious Freedom’ for Irish people to practise Christs Religion which is Catholicism.

Defending the right for people to practise other religions that are not christian, is a freemason strategy to destroy christianity and the concept that sex is between a man and a women in marriage only and to start a family. Ireland has been destroyed by this ‘Relgious freedom’ for other other relgions concept, as some relgions dispise the family unity.

Many ‘Irish freedom’ movements support this ‘freemason strategy’ mainly because they do not truly know what they are going up against or because they are freemason led.

Historical Irish freedom fighters were catholics and they defended the catholic religion for Irish people and future Irish generations to practise, but unfortunately modern day Irish freedom fighters are not catholic or even christian, some of them have fallen for satan’s deceptions which the bible warns about and one of them is false religions. Modern day Irish freedom fighters have taken interest in occult religions such as paganism which was rebuked by Saint Patrick. 

It’s important to keep this information in mind, especially if you are a christian because many christians are falling for this satanic trap which is rampant in the Irish freedom movement today.

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