The past few decades we have seen the UK’S, Sweden’s, and Ireland’s demographic change negatively mainly because of mass immigration and the unpoliced idea of multiculturalism in one country. A multicultural society in Ireland is a fantasy to mostly everyone, especially the left wing of politics as it allows people of all backgrounds that arrive at our shores for permanent residency to express their religious faith and heritage. But this philosophy sounds like a brilliant and modern Ideology for today’s society in Ireland doesn’t it?

But the dangers of multiculturalism cannot be ignored by anyone in any profession especially the political, police, army professions throughout Ireland, UK and the west because in recent years we have seen migrant crimes increase in London {England}, Belfast {Northern Ireland}, Balbriggan {Republic of Ireland}, Letterkenny {Republic of Ireland}, Malmo {Sweden} and many other cities and towns throughout the continent of Europe and the UK and Ireland

The increase in migrant crime is beginning to conquer the Celtic culture and spirit as people are being deplatformed on Social Media and their reputation, careers, futures tarnished and destroyed by the far left media and far left political movements that constantly preach multiculturalism and suppress any critics to their preaching.

The governments that are deliberately ignoring these dangers have blood on their hands big time and it won’t be too long now that nationalist movements in Europe start a revolution that will put an end to multiculturalism and restore Europe’s culture and hold all the people that have been a contributor to multicultural genocide accountable for once and for all.

We should not lose and suppress hope that people will one day in the near future wake up to the fact that multiculturalism is a code word for genocide against white people in their own countries but at the moment the future especially in Ireland and the UK seem tarnished because the ‘woke’ movements in those countries are very influential and suppressive against their opposition which is now beginning to grow in Ireland as the Irish people finally get attracted to proper Irish Nationalism once again and the same can be said for the UK and Europe. 

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