The world has just come out of tyrannical “laws” that negatively impacted people’s mental and physical health and many people won’t get over the abuse they have received from the government throughout the past two years regardless if they are awake to the New World Order or not.

But the reality is the war on us by the government is not over yet and we still need to keep fighting the government regardless of the consequences because there are more tyrannical “Laws” coming down the line such as “Laws on speech”, “Laws on fuel intake for your house and vehicles”, “Laws on money” {Cashless Society and economic collapse which will happen in 2023}

All of these laws are contributing to the New World Order whether people accept it or not and this is something that will make our lives hell if we comply with them like sheep like most people did to the covid laws throughout 2020 and 2021 without any fierce resistance.

So now is the time to derail the New World Order for once and for all because a digital dictatorship is now on the horizon. 

People will be treated like slaves under a social score system like china where the government punishes you for criticizing their authoritarianism and awards you for applauding their authoritarianism if you take their side. 

This social credit will be so tough that it will be in your living room, bedroom, throughout your whole house listening to what you are saying so they can collect more data about you and they will use that data to humiliate you if you criticise the government’s authoritarianism and policy. 

All the governments throughout the world have been planning this since the creation of Rothschild in the 1600s and the creation of the Illuminati order in the 1700s and the creation of the soviet union in 1922 that tried to create a worldwide communist revolution but thankfully failed because all the patriots in Europe at time but this time round we might not be so lucky. 

All the anti new world order activists need to make strong groups and really need to create and plan for a revolution that will bring the system down for once and for all without any communist infiltration 

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