Saving Ireland and the UK.

Ireland is a small 32 county island surrounded by the UK which are all Celt and Christian nations which are now sadly destroyed by a satanic force which most opposition parties once opposed but are now sold out to them. This satanic force is so deceiving that most people are on board with it’s agenda without even realizing how destructive these agendas can be, because they never researched the real history of satanism and it’s supports such as the EU, the USSR because they have grew up in households or have hung around with people for long periods of time throughout their lives that have been influenced by these satanic agendas.

Imagine if all the Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh Nationalists united to defeat these satanic forces for once and for all?   

Imagine the enormous impact this would have on the world and the continent of Europe? 

Imagine how it would greatly weaken the New World Order and the Globalists? 

Imagine how the Men, Women, children of Ireland and the UK would feel if they had these leaders if this reality came true?

The most important thing that this would affect is our young childrens and our youth’s future as it would make them stronger and more rebellious against anti nationalists campaigns if Ireland and the UK got attacked again.

It would also make them see how these satanic agendas almost destroyed their lives..

The question that every reader should ask themselves is… When will the real Irish and UK nationalists gain the strength to rise up and overthrow their corrupt governments and replace it with a permanent Nationalist one?

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