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Its time to start resisting biometric societies

The well known supermarket called Tescos are now planning to install a biometric payment system in 2023. We should also expect more retail giants to start installing biometric payment systems in the next coming years since they are owned by the cabal through “blackrock” which owns almost everything in the world.

The biometric payment system works through facial recognition and fingerprint recognition which functions through a microchip that will be put into your arm, this is the mark of the beast which needs to be resisted by ordinary individuals in every town, city, country in the world. 

This biometric payment system will also be linked to a social credit system which will be managed and controlled by the one world communist government like China, Sweden, Turkey and Iran. The social credit system will have complete control on what you can or cannot buy or sell, how much you can and cannot spend or restrict you from buying certain items.

It is now the time to start boycotting retail outlets like Tesco’s that support the cabals motives and support retail outlets that are against a biometric payment system and a cashless society,  or even make your own clothes, grow your own food, remove all the money you have in your bank account before the mad rush starts which will happen when the banks start requiring biometric systems to access or start up a bank account. 

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