Borderless 2019: Europe’s border crisis and how immigration is a money making racket.


Borderless is a documentary about multiculturalism in Europe and it discusses who are people that are moving into Europe and where are they coming from and why are they moving into Europe and what is Europe’s response and what actually happens to them once they arrive in Europe.

This documentary investigates what happens to the people who illegally move into Europe and if some of these migrants are real ones or fake ones.

Turkey saw more than 60% arrivals to their country, that’s 3.5million people and allegedly at the height of the crisis in 2015 the pathway between Turkey and Greece saw more crossings than other routes in EUROPE. 

The investigation starts in Ayvalik, Northern Turkey, {18km away from the Greek Islands} since that is a hotspot for illegal migrants from the middle east to put their first step into EUROPE.


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